Monday, February 22, 2010

Burger King is ***KING Awesome. Crispin Porter +Bogusky is ***KING AWESOME.

File under FU@K*** awesome... or should I say ***KING Awesome!

Burger King UK launched a new campaign for a special menu offering the 3-Cheese Angus burger and it's ***KING awesome.

CP+B launched the ***King Tasty integrated campaign for the 3- Cheese Angus without regular TV media, but instead, the campaign will use a :30 second spot that will run in cinemas and on PubTV in the UK to get the campaign started. But its true "awesomeness" comes from the online engagement.

The site allows you to create your own t-shirts on the website where you can customize a message based on ***KING______, add your message (see my version to the right). The site offers a "buy it" or "earn it" functionality - a new concept for CP+B. The basic concept allows fans to distribute the spot to friends, and with unique 50 plays gets you a free shirt. The campaign will also included web banners and various OOH efforts. These will be launching this coming week.
The :30sec spot has two guys who are fall into a discussion about the burger, they use the “***KING….” combination in every sentence and it turns into a very funny dialog..."It's ***KING delicious... I haven't had anything since ***KING breakfast... hey, get your mitts of my ***KING flame-broiled 3-cheese Angus...!"

In addition, the campaign also follows the with “***King+….” combination through the website and Facebook app. 

This project originated in the US from CP+B Boulder, from Group CDs Bill Wright and James Dawson-Hollis and ACD Andrew Ure, with the interactive portion was developed and built by the new CP+B Europe office, headed up by Gustav Martner and Bjorn Hoglund (ECD for CP+B Europe). 

Check out the campaign website here.


Tracy said...

Great Post! Thank you very much for your sharing.

Tracy said...

Great Post! Thank you very much for your sharing.

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