Monday, February 15, 2010

Need Inspiration? One Stop Viewing of Vintage Advertisng.

When you're sitting and thinking up new ads what could be better than a treasure chest of vintage ads.

This website "Vintage Ad Browser" offers just that... endless ads from days gone by. They neatly filed by category and offers a great search tool.

I often tell my young AdLanders, "know what came before, so you can create the future"... seek inspiration from the past. I remind them constantly that "Annuals aren't Manuals"... but see where the trends have come from, remember everything that's old is sometimes new again.

Check this site for a treasure chest of great, not so great and many WTF were they thinking.
This Camel ad is a personal favorite. Read the copy, it makes some claims that would land us in "Advertising Ethics" jail today:

"Once a women smoker has been introduced to Camels it's a case of love at first light..." (oh how I hate puns).

" Maybe it's becasue her throat is more sensitive than a man's that she's so quick grasp the difference..." (Ykies!!!)

Loads of vintage ads, like this Gillette ad from 1919.

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