Monday, May 18, 2009

UPDATE: Hello Alex... Hire Me.

Hey, I wanted to update you on Chris Kahle. Remember he is the former Publicis Vancouver copywriter was asking Twitter users to contact Alex Bogusky in the hope of landing his dream gig at Crispin Porter + Bogusky.

This young and VERY talented creative from Vancouver who created a very interesting and unique effort to get Cripsin Porter + Bogusky attention.

As a point of interest, as of May 17th the Twitter effort has raised $48 for the James Lee Foundation (in memory of one Canada's great creative and inspired minds who tragically was taken from us almost 2 years ago) and $29 for MS Society (a personal charity of interest to me).

There has been some interesting back-and-forth on this effort.

Some kind... others not so kind.

From Denver Egoist:

Twitter Spammer

Here at The Egotist we applaud innovative, new methods creatives are using to crack into great agencies—especially if they’re finding a way to do it with new media, like Twitter. The tactic Canadian copywriter Chris Kahle has chosen, however, is just plain fuckin’ annoying. He’s got a campaign going asking the public to Tweet Bogusky and interactive CD Jeff Benjamin at CP+B with a message about hiring Kahle in their Boulder office. Same level of irritation as Viagra spam, dude. If you were betting, would you put money on him landing a job from it?


steve · May 13, 09:03 AM

On the one hand, I don’t want to bug the CP+B guys. On the other hand, money to charity just for hitting cmd+c, cmd+v, return is pretty tempting.

Scott Fassett · May 13, 09:37 AM

as annoying as it may seem, aren’t you guys just giving his tweet thing some relevance by making a post about it. D’oh! I just helped his cause by writing a comment.

Chris Mackintosh · May 14, 08:26 PM

The Egotist is claiming this is like getting Viagra emails or getting calls during dinner…. um, and I thought I was new to twitter. How many bunk tweets do you get a day? Tons. I only follow around 150 tweeps and I get plenty of junk coming across the tweetdeck. Big deal if I get an @ reply suggesting I hire someone. If I was in CP+B’s position, I’d look at this and think, what a creative way to try to stand out from other resumes. Depending on his book I’d say he’s got a good shot at getting hired

I gotta say when you got a portfolio that sings... well let it sing. His stuff is brilliant.

I love the Rolaids campaign... not even close to big love I have for the Titleist ad... and the Lotus Awards piece, well last year at the ADCC Awards took my breath away. Brilliant!!!

Check this Chris Kahle's portfolio out. It sings.

PS: I am sending my Tweets tonight.

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