Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Seneca Creative Advertising and The YouTube/Cannes Lions

YouTube and Cannes Lions have partnered to search for two young creatives to win an all-expenses paid trip to this year's Festival and fill a new 38th place as Team YouTube in the 2009 Young Lions Film Competition and I have a couple of students who have entered the competition.

Since the close of entries, contestants have two weeks to generate as many views possible. Two separate winners will be selected by a panel of experts who will judge the ad based on creativity, number of views and video ratings. During the two-week period between May 17th and June1st for entrants to create a viral buzz around their video to drive as many public views and votes as possible by whatever means.

After June 1st, a panel of advertising experts will judge the shortlisted entries and select two winners based on overall creative execution of the brief and the videos' views, ratings, comments, votes and overall online footprint. The winners will be announced on June 5th: the prize for the two selected winners is an all-expenses paid trip to the Festival to take part in the Young Lions Film Competition as Team YouTube offering a fantastic exposure for young creatives looking to carve a role in the advertising or film industry.

The winners will unite and receive an all-expenses paid trip to Cannes to attend the Festival and compete as the 38th team in the prestigious Young Lions Film competition.

So I am hoping you will take the time a view my two student entries. It helps their cause, and feedback is always welcome.

Click. Enjoy. Vote.

Spencer Black – Art Director zig Toronto:

www.youtube.com/canneslions and type “spencer” into the search bar and give his video a thumbs up.

Robin Soukvilay – Current Semester 3 Student:

www.youtube.com/canneslions and type “billy” into the search bar and give his video a thumbs up.


Soukvilay said...

Thanks for the support Anthony and creating a post to help the exposure of this contest. I actually believe in the cause.

I don't know what you critically thought of it, but your support means so much to me. I'm overjoyed. Thank you =)

spencer said...

Thanks Anthony, and like I said if I pull this off I'll spray paint your name on something in Cannes. Or pee it into the sand, is that what we settled on?

Soukvilay said...

This program's name will have a seat next to me on the plane.

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