Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What VW Are You? Crispin Defines Facebook Engagement Again.

Once agian the creative minds at Crispin Porter + Bogusky have found a way to engage (invade) Facebook. This time a tamer and simpler approach. Remember the last time CP+B released a Facebook app for a client, it stirred some controversy... the Whopper Sacrifice, which encouraged people to trade friends for a free sandwich, this app is much less likely to offend.

Meet the Volkswagens declares to match users with the right car model based on data from their Facebook profiles. Hmmmm DataMining 101.

Give it a TRY:

After you install the application, it churns through information like your date of birth and educational history. It then spits out two matches. There's no explanation for how these are generated. For me, it recommends a Touarag 2 and a Routan, and proclaims me as a "Family Minded and Economical individual. Okay. True, I do list on my profile I am married, care for family, educated, I see that connection. But how does my Jay-Z, Jimmy Buffett, Nas, Ramones, Kanye West, Little Feat and Tribe Called Quest in anyway put me into a SUV or van cross-over.

Those are kinda different options.

I sent Alex note about how the data creates matches. I'll update when I get an answer.

Pixie Dust?

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