Monday, March 9, 2009

Careful The Future May Cause Husbands To fear The Little Lady At Home…

In 1967 the Philco-Ford Corporation made an industrial film titled "1999 A.D." which predicted that fingertip shopping will be one of the homemaker's many conveniences…and an electric correspondence machine will allow for instant written communication between individuals anywhere in the world.

But back in the sixties, many saw themselves surviving into the next century. I was born in 1958, and I can remember looking at my father and realizing that when I was his age, it would be 2000. Profound stuff for a kid to ponder, to be sure.

And was fine since the husband could follow the wife's spending… that guy who cringes when he pays his wife's bill electronically is actually future game show host Wink Martindale.

If only they'd also been right about flying cars and robot maids.

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Anonymous said...

Dude, so weird you posted this! I was just reading the Canadian Marketing Associations Blog and they had a video of the future of digital convergence in the marketplace. It seemed all futuristic and wonderful till you posted this!

That's the video in question!
It's like the worlds fair all over again!

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