Monday, March 2, 2009

Dear Mr Droga and Others There is a Talent Pool

There is a vast talent pool of young and hungry creatives looking for a break. Some are more creative then others then there is...

Meet Sean Norman Stewart.

Is he some kind of film guy (I gather this from his website that doesn't really enlighten us with details)... comedian... copywriter... adguy... hmmmmm! (Note: AdGuy is a coveted title even if it's self-proclaimed)

Not really sure actually what he is, but like many a creative before him, Sean has decided that a video cover letter to an agency might land him a gig.

In this case, the agency in question is Droga5. Yes, the highly creative and cutting edge thinkers.

The 24-year old's video is heavy on the irony (cliche) and light on the substance. Sean rounds off his pitch with the promise that hiring him will "maximize your partner's pleasure in bed." Great, sexual innuendo Hmmmmm.... (see your lecture notes on that).

Sigh. Kids today... there's no reasoning with 'em.

Sean? I wish you luck, dude. Totally.

Check out Sean's website.

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