Sunday, March 29, 2009

Growing Agency in Tough Times – Not Here

As grim economic news and soaring unemployment numbers dominate the headlines, here is a feel good story – Adrenalina.

A full service Hispanic advertising and communication shop.

Like the Spanish word for adrenaline, which is a hormone generated in the human body when we experience emotions, the New York-based Adrenalina creates ideas that provoke engagement, experience and emotion between brands and consumers. The agency specializes in media agnostic ideas, breakthrough advertising, retail and event marketing, consumer promotions and digital innovation. Adrenalina is part of the MDC Partners network, is embarking on an ambitious plan to stimulate the marketplace by pumping up its branding and creative services and bulking up its staff.

The agency's growth spurt is expected to create as many as 12 new jobs in key creative and branding posts throughout 2009 with several principal appointments expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

With the projected population shift among U.S. Hispanics, breakthrough strategies offering relevant cultural ideas will be key to reaching savvy, Latino consumers who are part of a $1 trillion marketplace. In anticipation of the 2010 Census, Adrenalina is drafting the plans for a different kind of agency that guides businesses and brands, not just servicing them. Leading and shape the agency's creative and strategic vision: "engagement, experience and emotion," are industry veterans Ivan Sanchez, who will serve as vice president, senior brand strategist and Victor Zeiris, who joins as creative director.

Gone are the days of a simple "adapt" to fit a ethnic market. These often looked like a really bad Kung-Fu movie.

Keep watching the growth of Hispanic agencies in the US, closer to home, here's a few places that are meeting the needs of "speciality" audiences. Had great chat with a former student of mine Vab Sethi who is in the upstart stages of a "ethno-sentric" media services company. I wish him well.

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