Sunday, March 22, 2009

Okay… Here’s Some Magic.

Pure and sure magic.

Here is new fun stunt from DraftFCB Chicago.

The cleanest clean you can get in this world is invisible. You know a kind of "see-nothing" kind of clean.

That was the thinking behind this ambient campaign for Windex, which recently held a one-week, outdoor street campaign on Chicago's busy Michigan Avenue.

Workers dressed in white cleaning suits etched with the tagline "Glass so clean it's invisible" performed "improve" cleaning routines in the middle of streets, on sidewalks and outside stores, all in an effort to get consumers thinking of the S.C. Johnson brand.

Magic! I gather there are still fans of Marcel Marceau.

1 comment:

ideaschangeeverything said...

I'm pretty sure that Mike Morillie had a Windex ad on overhead projector acetate.

Go yell at him to produce it and give me mail me a copy of the photo.

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