Friday, March 27, 2009

Male Reading 15-19 to Decline. No Really.

Blender to End It's Run

Alpha Media Group closed Blender magazine today. Sadly with that will be elimination of about 30 jobs and likely effect the reading done by males 15-19.

Blender was a great read for males 15-25 and filled in music and entertainment that Maxim just didn't see fit to cover.

After a great 8 year run, the April issue of Blender out now will be its last.

Blender has provided unmatched music coverage and entertainment news in its unique voice to a profoundly dedicated audience of music enthusiasts. It was a great place to find the best "25 downloads" each month. It was the first place I heard about Nicole Atkins and her Neptune City CD and Charlotte Church before she became Charlotte Church.

Sadly, I will miss reading my 16 year sons copy. It was his source for music and fashion the way Rolling Stone was for me.

R.I.P. Blender

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