Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lindsay Lohan for Fornarina Fashion. Forna… never mind.

Okay, it's no secret from the pages of the gossip rags, (but I wanna believe and know otherwise) Lindsay Lohan enjoys fornicating like a madwoman. It's only fitting, then, that she has become the new spokesperson for a fashion line called Fornarina.

I know, I know, what awful start to my often so classy blog.

Lindsay Lohan has been chosen as the new face of Fornarina, and now we've snagged you a first look at the star as she strikes a pose for Italian clothing label's Spring/Summer 09 ad campaign.

Lindsay portrays the ultimate Hollywood rock-diva, wearing the brand's denim and party dresses. The choice of Lindsay was natural for the design company, who felt the star could bring brand's image to life in print — and represent the glamorous dream behind their clothes.

Someone thinks that the Lindsay ads show the perfect balance of sexiness and beauty while staying true to the hip line's youthful vibe. Ah… see any bus stop near your average middle-school. Not even close. Not when I remember the New York Magazine spread remembering Marilyn.

In the ad campaign written and directed by Marco Bragaglia, Lohan is a modern "Alice in Wonderland" who explores three metaphysical settings characterized by fluctuating geometrical shapes with neon colors. Or something of the like.

With Lindsay on their side, the company has big plans to push its brand worldwide with flagship stores in London, Paris, Toronto and New York.

Scott Ronaldson, managing director of Fornari Retail, explains their reasoning for choosing the controversial celebrity stating, "Lindsay is that very self-confident, dynamic woman, she's got a lot of attitude. That's what we're hoping our customer will aspire to." Lohan, wearing Fornarina here, has also expressed interest in designing accessories for the brand. Really?

As far a sexy goes… Lindsay YES! Fornarina NO! Just check out the pumps. No thanks… unless you are looking at sensible granny shoes or you wear or like Uggs. I see Lindsay and I see her in sexy red or black Christians. (see Christian Louboutin).

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jett said...

Hey Anthony,

Just thought I'd drop you a line and say I love the blog. The level of commitment you put into this really shows with the huge amount of work you've compiled on here since you started. I think it's a great way to share your $0.02 on what's happening with advertising right now as it happens. I hope fellow CAB students are following this because there's a lot of great resources here!

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