Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Walk Down Memory Lane - Cigarettes

Cigarettes don't kill. Just watch and learn.

As this walk down memory lane demonstrates, Fred and Barney never saw the "Big Bang" coming… Cars and Guns had their part in the loss of life, but when you operate cars and guns reach for the smooth taste of Lucky Strike because LS/MFT... Translation, Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco.

Even mom knew she might need to light up before she raises her hand in loving corporal discipline, and "gee mom you love your cigarettes".

Hell, more doctors recommend Camels over any other brand.

There gotta be an idea sitting within these vintage spots that could trump the brilliance of the CP+B "Truth" campaign.

As Don Drapper would suggest, "Sit back, Light up, Enjoy the fun. They're toasted"

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She Writes, He Draws. said...

What genius work! It really shows us where we've come from. The good old days before ethics, standards, and health studies. Despite what some would say about these Mad Men and their questionable means of persuasion they were pioneers! Like legitimate Old West pioneers. There were no rules, just survive and do right by yours (agency). But despite the rough and tumble approach and crude unveiled selling tactics these guys were the early innovators that truly built the foundations for what we know as the business today. Sure there was advertising and advertisers before this era but these were the people that really turned it into a science. So who are people more likely to take after doctors or Fred and Barney? -R

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