Saturday, March 27, 2010

Celebrating The 250th "View From An AdGuy.

CLICK ON IMAGE TO VIEW 250th "A View From An AdGuy"

Amazing how quickly both time, inspiration, knowledge and the advertising industry fly.

I am about to post my 250th entry on this "blogspot" in little over 12 months, and most of what has been said here are often my personally rantings, sometimes the thoughts of industry leaders... but mostly just a place where we can gather and share our collective passion for advertising.
What got me started? My passion as an educator to offer my students ever opportunity to find information, to get inspired, to find their own passion. I was an early adapter to technology in the way I delivered information and today that continues.

I offer this site as extended learning outside the classroom and I compliment it with Twitter and Facebook. I gave an interview recently and was asked to describe how I use "social media" in my teaching. The answer was simple, "I offer my blog as place for the detailed learner who wants more, the details and additional links to expand the learning, I use Facebook for the learner to get the information they need delivered quickly and to offer an opportunity to add comment and create discussion and finally I use Twitter for those who have little time but want the basics". I am truly seeing the results in the way my future "AdLanders" are thinking, devouring information and creating their own connections to the industry.

It has been a gift to see the power of all of this.

All of this has also increased the profile of my creative advertising program at Seneca College in Toronto which I lead and coordinate. We have established many new relationships with the creative thinkers, industry leaders and even found that interest in the program has been expanded. The future is bright.

There are days when I have so much to say and others not enough time to keep up. When I started the process originally I promised to use my time wisely, but more importantly your time. I hope the valuable time you have spent here was a combination of useful learning, entertaining, motivating and inspiring.

I thank you for your time. I hope I have added to your passion and all things that make this such an exciting industry.

My 250th entry was a tough one to select in terms of content. Recently I posted an entry about David Ogilvy under the title of "Advertising Legends" (see link under my profile) and it was well received in terms of traffic and feedback. The interest in seeing and learning who are "pioneers" were is critical, so I will feature one of the true original "MadMen" Bill Bernbach.

Bill Bernbach was the reason I got into this crazy business. His Volkswagen ad titled "Funeral" was the one ad I give full credit for inspiring me to see my own creative potential. Later as I learned about the magic of Bernbach, from Volkswagen "Keeping Up With The Kremplers" to the McDonald's "Two All Beef Patties" to American Tourister to Alka Seltzer's "Mama Magadini's Meatballs" a commercial that was later named "World's Best Commercial". Once I was hocked and knee deep in the business I discovered we share the same birthday August 13th, and next year will celebrate his 100th birthday.

He left a great legacy and truly legendary work.


Susan said...

# 250!! What a moving entry and the visual.

You've guided us students to think waaaaay outside the box. Thank you for the opportunity to allow us to learn and experience. I enjoy your pep talks online and offline.

Congrats on your 250th post on Blogspot and 100th on Posterous!


Souki said...

Hey hey!

I'm just here to also say thank you Anthony. Darn, Susan beat me to commenting on a blog. You win this round...Susan =)

I remember one time I was in your office and I talked to you about being plugged in as per the visual example you showed in class. We then discussed what we were each plugged into and I told you I was impressed with all the things you are not only plugged into, but keep up with! And that still holds true here and now.

You probably don't get thanked much, but seeing as how this is a solid 250th post on your blog, I thought this comment would be appropriate now and for all the people who want to thank you and will, but are still waiting for a moment they feel is right to do so.

Thank you for the inspiration and motivation that guides us in the direction that is passion and not simply skill/talent. This blog is awesome and I know you know it too hahaha.

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