Tuesday, March 9, 2010

TRUTH or DARE. Update on CP+B Drinking Game Creators Amazing Story.

So last week a wrote a piece on the recently launched and promoted FearlessQA Drinking Game and site are the master mind of a couple of young creatives from Dallas named Mark Bielik (copywriter) and James Hoke (Art Director). 

I sent the boys a few questions about the concept and would update the story with their responses, and they got back to me. Truly, never met these guys but I love their motives, passion and talent. Like I said last time, Bon Chance Boys!

Last check on Twitter, the FearlessQA GDrinking Games has been RE:Tweeted or mentioned over 250 times on just my available followers. Not bad for a viral piece to get the attention of Alex Bogusky and the good folks of CP+B.

Remember last summer Chris Kahle used Twitter as a vehicle to garner the attention of Alex and Jeff Benjamin to help secure a gig in Boulder. Well the Vancouver native has been work for CP+B since the fall. A well planned and played scenario that at first didn't win over many (including me) as way to get their attention, but proof is in the intent (clear knowledge and of understanding the effectiveness of engaging social media) and execution. He was hired and that's all that mattered... right!
Here's where it all started with James and Mark's

"a funny thing happened last night. i was on my couch with your questions and a crippling bout of writer's block, when james started drunk texting me (a weekly occurrence). i asked him to answer a few and this is the message exchange that ensued. i haven't heard from him since and frankly i'm getting a little worried. his apartment has been ransacked and his car is missing. please call me if he tries to contact you. cheers!"

-mark bielik

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