Saturday, March 20, 2010

A View From An AdGuy - "Conversations With" Series

The original purpose of this Blog was all about taking and presenting "ideas" and "concepts" that are unique and inspiring and adding my personal views, thinking and opinions that will hopefully inform young "AdLanders' with insights that will help them further develop their creative thinking and ask more questions.

Since the beginning the blog has grown in popularity among young "AdLanders", in addition it has also developed a following with some of the industry leaders who have in turn have provided their thoughts and assistance in bringing deeper details and insights to several postings. I am thankful to those who have lent opinions and suggestions. Some have been kind offer time for online interviews.

Recently, a suggestion was made to begin a "video" interview series after several people viewed my short video interview I did last fall in New York with George Lois and I am proud announce that this has become a reality.

The first in what I hope will become a series of "A View From An AdGuy Conversation" has been completed and will be posted in the coming days.

I had the privilege to have sat down with Sally Hogshead while she was in Toronto in early March when she was in town speaking at  the Art of Marketing Conference. We chatted about everything from her new book "Fascinate", how it all started for her, where she sees the future of advertising and a few ideas on how future "AdLanders" should approach their planning and thinking as they get ready to start in this crazy business.

My hope is that this new series will continue to grow, certainly via video and audio interviews plus the occasional Q&A interview.

I wish to thank Dan Demsky from TheBizMedia the Toronto based video production company that so generously shot, edited and presented the Sally Hogshead interview.

Peace and love,
Anthony Promotional Show Reel

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Susan H said...

So glad that a small project is going to grow. Great stuff!

Thanks for everything that you've taught. Looking forward to watching your interview series and learning more.


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