Friday, March 5, 2010

Make and See Yourself In Plastic. Become an Old Navy "SuperModelquin".

Ever wonder what it would be like to be "cast" in plastic as a department store mannequin? Well, here's your chance. Sort of... but who wouldn't want to be turned into their own "SuperModelquin"? You know, those model mannequins from the Old Navy commercials created by Crispin Porter + Bogusky and Group Creative Director Tiffany Kosel is designed to help Old Navy’s target customer – the young adult or mom on a budget shopping for herself and her family, can further engage with the brand in the unique Old Navy and always distinctive CP+B way. This campaign is creating a great "buzz".

This campaign offers a great element of engagement by inviting customers to share the screen with Old Navy’s "SuperModelquins" who will act as the contest’s judges, taking points off for blinking, hair movement and the endless impossibly plastic qualities. No question that the campaign has engaged as many "vioces" as posible including Facebook FanPages and Twitter accounts to follow the everyday activities of the each "SuperMoldelquin".

Each step of the campaign will feature TV spots to promote each challenge, the "SuperModelquins" will not only plug the brand’s latest fashions, but will ask another contestant to “hand in their stand,” the campaign’s version of reality show rejection.

Super smart and briliant event based engagement that will surely create a buzz during the campaign was held on March 5, using "SuperMolder" technology. The SuperMolder will appear in New York City’s Times Square and hoffer customers to hop onstage in the middle of Times Square and into Old Navy's SuperMoldelquin "SuperMolder" which will convert your image into a "SuperModelquin". The transformation will be broadcast live on the Reuters screen and the results will appear on the enormous NASDAQ sign for all of Times Square to see. Guests will also receive an email with their before and after images so that they can share their plastic makeover with their friends & family.

The Super Search contest allows consumers the chance to be molded as the next "SuperModelquin" and take home $100,000 through a series of online challenges that will test their plastic "spokesmannequin" skills. Not sure what those skills are besides standing around... yes a lot of standing around.In all stages of the contest, viewers can browse the gallery online at and rate their favorites.

You may have your chance to see and have likeness that could be starring in the next campaign. Until, then they have developed a cool and engaging website application where you can "build" your likeness and enter to win the "SuperModelquin Super Search" contest. (see my "plastic" persona).

Follow this link to create you "avatar" as a "SuperModelquin" that can saved and loaded to Facebook and Twitter.

By taking part in a series of online challenges, you'll get the chance to be molded, as well as walk away (you, but not your "Modelquin")... the good thing about not really being a mannequin -- with the $100,000 prize.

Over a six week time-frame, will host three challenges.
  • "Pose with the Plastic Pros" (through Feb. 25): Prove your plastic prowess by taking a photo with the SuperModelquins in any Old Navy store and uploading it to the Super Search site.
  • "Moldelquin Makeover" (March 4 to March 14): Build your plastic match online to be rated by voters.
  • "Lights, Camera, Plastic" (March 21 to April 1): Create your own Old Navy commercial to show you have what it takes to be plastic. Viewers can rate the contestants, and, at the end of each challenge, the contestant with the most points will advance to the finals.
"SuperModelquin" Super Search  started on February 16, 2010 and it will end on May 12, 2010. The winner, announced June 3, will be cast in real plastic as the next Old Navy SuperModelquin, appear in TV commercials and take home the $100,000 prize.


Another element of the campaign that is getting further play is the YouTube "SuperModelquin" channel.

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