Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Take CP+B FearlessQA... Add Two Young Talents = An Attention Getting Idea. Brilliant!

Here's an idea. Without a question it's a smart, easy and simple concept... and successful in terms of getting attention, BRILLIANT! 

Introducing: The FearlessQA Drinking Game.
Every week for the past few months Alex Bogusky the Crispin Porter + Bogusky family have hosted a webcast called FearlessQA, part self indulgence and definitely one of the greatest teaching tools for me and great learning any "Student of Advertising" has access to (I have been lucky enough to have screened every episode "live" during lecture classes) and what's better than learning about advertising and communications then with Alex Bogusky, CP+B staff, and recently from outside partners in the advertising, design, publishing areas and even environmental activists.

I was sent a Twitter "following you" message from @FearLessQaholic at about 2:30pm EST on Tuesday March 2nd and was one of the first people they were following, by the time I was ready to post this article they now have 280+ followers and countless retweets of their original message.

At first there were a few Twitter followers who began asking questions about "who" and "what" was this about, I gather after the few bogus "Bogusky" websites, Twitter and Facebook accounts... was this a legitimate "follow". I guess if you add to that the magic of "Crispin" buzz, was this a new and unique way to get the agency press and following. I mean are there any better agents of "buzz" then CP+B.

The game and site are the master mind of a couple of young creatives from Dallas named Mark Bielik (copywriter) and James Hoke (Art Director). I sent the boys a few questions about the concept and will update with their responses.

Here's what Mark and James have defined the game and site as:
"... how about doing body shots off your coworkers as you learn a ton about advertising with bogusky and friends. We have always been a fan of FearlessQA  (and drinking), so it only seemed natural to put the two together. After weeks of work and thousands of slaughtered brain cells, the FearlessQA drinking game was born. 
They started to promote the game once the Twitter account went live and soon after they were followed by FearlessQA as well a hundred followers, a bunch of retweets and even a pat on the back from the man himself... @bogusky

On the The FearlessQA Drinking Game site they have listed various "reasons" to take a drink... everything from whether Rob Reilly or Andrew Keller are hanging in the background... if someone swears (I suggest maybe a double shot if someone other then Alex swears)... if a book is held up... and if Alex talks about his t-shirt. All elements a frequent viewer will understand.

Mark and James added, "hey, we work hard in advertising...our livers should be no exception".
Great work guys, I wish you all the success in the future and hope to update their story again... and again.

Should be fun... except my college has an "open bottle" policy on campus. Damn!

Bon Chance.

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