Friday, March 12, 2010

This is a Game Changer. 360 Degree Video Controled By Viewer. WOWzer... Fu@king Brilliant.

Click here to watch the 360 degrees interactive version of this video (NOTE: MOVE YOUR CURSOR OVER THE VIDEO FOR A FULL 360 DEGREE EFFECT)

Came across this "awesome"... no make that "FU@KING BRILLIANT" video project that is truly a game changer.

I really don't want to overuse "FU@KING BRILLIANT" or the word "awesome," it will lose its force. It should be reserved for only things that are just that, for only those things that inspire wonder and great genius should merit this description. So, you truly understand how serious a remark it is, when I say this work is more then "awesome", but truly "FU@KING BRILLIANT".

This music video was created for the "IN A CABIN WITH" by Steye & the Ottowanians' from Ottawa (Canada) using an amazing 360 degree view throughout called "VectorVision" using Adobe Flash with Actionscript by Amsterdam based Barcinski + Jeanjean.

Barcinski + Jeanjean an Amsterdam-based interactive studio was formed in 2007 by Mark Barcinski and Adrien Jeanjean both multimedia designers who first met while working at Euro RSCG Amsterdam in 1999.

While freelancing in 2004 the duo collaborated on commercial projects employing their passion for creating innovative experiences, ranging from award-winning websites to ambient installations in the physical spaces. As active members of the Adobe Flash community (FITC), Barcinski & Jeanjean contribute to open-source software such as Papervision3D. Thus began their love pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Their newly launched portfolio website,, uses anaglyphic 3-D navigation to display the samples of their impressive work. If you have a pair of 3D glasses handy from your trip to seeing Avatar, your site visit will be even more interesting. Upon entering, you have the option of playing a little 3-D ping-pong game while the site loads. Even this very simple game is cool as a stand-alone game which they used  rather than a "pre-loader". Trust me I would still be writing about it... it's simple and fun, excellent use of 3-D physics.

Barcinski and Jeanjean themselves are standing in a panoramic view of Amsterdam (which you can rotate 360 degrees by moving your cursor over the arrows to the left and right). The 360º panorama was created using "stop motion video" rather than multiple photo stills stitched together, which allowed them to capture the movement of all objects and subjects in the scene.

Barcinski and Jeanjean noted:
 The vision for the panorama view came to us in while we were brainstorming on another project (the one for which we prototyped a spherical video panorama). We would stand in one of Amsterdam’s many beautiful scenes with everybody around us walking by going about their business. Around us our portfolio work would be hanging in the air in the form of paper flyers. Envisioning viewing that with 3D glasses being able to move around us, filled us with excitement. We are already familiar with viewing photo’s and movies with 3D glasses, but we can’t really say we had had an interactive experience using 3D glasses before. 
 Their portfolio samples are represented as paper sheets hovering in a ring around them, as though they were emanating from the artists' minds.

Enjoy the brilliance of these forward thinking designers and think of the endless possibilities.

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