Friday, March 5, 2010

Tought Being "The AdGuy" - Now The Action Figures.

It's pretty tough being "The AdGuy"... okay, it is part fun and a dash of knowledge...but mostly ego. LOL. But I have often dreamed of my own action figure.

These videos have been on my radar for sometime now and just wanted to post it as a "walk down memory lane"... or give these a breathe of new life among the young "AdLanders".
I was first introduced to these videos when St.Louis agency Rodgers Townsend created these spots as a "Christmas Card" self promotional piece. But damn if I can find the details, but a Toronto based firm actually created a set of figurines that I was told about back in 2006 during Advertising Week in New York (if I find the details I will update).

AdGuy was created by Rodgers Townsend in St. Louis originally in 2001 (above) and was followed up for two more years. The ads are spoofing kids action figures commercials of the day, AdGuy action figures come in four types: Andy, "the Art Director; Marc with a "C," "the Copywriter"; Raoul, "the Creative Directo'r; and Kimmy Wong, "the Account Girl". The 2003 (below) update added Grahame (I assume with an "e" at the end) Reese Davies "Account Planner" and even a visit from the demonstrative client and brand manager. Watch as the "agency staff" get gets naked behind the one-way glass at the focus group... how real!!!

Tom Townsend shot the ad in his home using his kids for actors, the budgets reached a whopping $400, "We spent a lot less on it than we would have spent on a regular holiday card," he said. "And we had a blast making it."

Rodgers Townsend is a 90-person shop with billings of $100 million and are part of the Omnicom Group Inc. "Ad Guy's success also has helped the agency demonstrate that so-called viral marketing is more than just a buzz phrase", Townsend said.

It has been said that imitation is the strongest from of praise, well below is another for an "AdGuy Starter Kit". Not as original and strong as the Rodgers Townsend efforts.

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