Sunday, March 7, 2010

File Under Bizarre. Old Navy "SuperModelquin" Meet The Fuccon Family.

Without question this must be filled under bizarre.

At first glance "The Fuccon Family  - Oh Mikey!" made me draw a few questions. What came first, CP+B wonderful and inspired campaign that has created a significant buzz for Old Navy (late 2009) or The Fuccon Family (early 2005)? Well that answer was easy to find. But, then I asked is there no place inspiration can't be found to make your clients message dynamic, unique and create an engaged message with the audience?

One question was easy to answer, the other question can ever be answered clearly. But as young "AdLanders" you gotta treat "popular culture" as a window to the voices that speak to audiences and connect them. I reminded them... "Find that voice and connect them".

"Oh Mikey!" is the brain chiild of director Yoshimasa Ishibashi. Like "The Simpsons", Oh Mikey! first appeared as a short feature on the popular variety show Vermilion Pleasure Night, later moving to their own late Saturday night time slot.

The Fuccons appeared in the US on the G4 Network as part of "G4's Late Night Peepshow".

According to the American DVD release, Oh! Mikey is so popular in Japan that Fuccons-themed restaurants have been opened across the country.

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